We’re conducting name change

It finally happened. We’ve had a name collision.
When i made the brand Armourt Tech i found no collisions in the EU database of registered trade marks but as we outgrew Europe and we entered a world wide market it came to my knowlege that an australian company had registered the trade mark Armour Tech.

I had a short but uncomplicated communication with the company and decided to find a new name.

I wanted this to sound german, since 99.984352 percent of my customers ride BMW, so using the german vowel Ü was as natural as the RZ ending and the Schw beginning. This ended up being the little town just outside Munich, Germany, that i visited years ago. The name is not registered and there is no reason to worry for collision.

What do you say? You like the name?

How it’s pronounced? As it’s spelled.
Just say ”Schwurts”!

Soon we will be SCHWURZ.COM

Ride safe!